Because Ikea hacks are kind of the best, today I’m sharing a DIY standing desk (IVAR Ikea hack) that has completely transformed my workspace at home.

Materials Needed

– 2 IVAR Ikea cabinets – pine board – drill with screw bits – screws for tabletop part of desk – furniture wall straps

The bulk of this Ikea hack involves putting the IVAR cabinets together.

Assuming you like the height of my standing desk as-is, you’d assemble the cabinets exactly according to the Ikea instructions.

If you have a gap between the doors when you assemble, I would recommend loosening the screws a little bit on the hinges to see if that helps.

And if not, try adding small pieces of cardboard under the hinges to push the doors out and more together. The cardboard worked like a charm for me and you can barely see it at all when the doors are open.

If you would prefer a shorter / more standard desk height, you can still use the same cabinets in this tutorial to complete the desk.

You will have to cut down some of the pieces of the cabinet before they’re assembled though. The pieces that will need to be cut are: the doors, the side pieces of the cabinet, and the back.

Swipe up for full tutorial!