DIY wall art that doesn’t cost any money at all to make? YES! The idea behind this series is to make something cool, cute, or useful without spending any money at all.

– cereal boxes – scissors – paint – blue painters tape – glue / glue stick

Supplies to DIY WALL ART

I like to use really thin cardboard, like cereal boxes, because they’re a decent size for artwork, sturdy, and smooth. They’re also great for layering with other pieces if you decide to do more of a collage.

Grab your cardboard

Cut the cardboard down to whatever size you want your artwork to be. I kept some full size and cut others down to be much smaller, so I could collage them all together.

Next, cut the cardboard down into flat sheets

I used tempera paint sticks from my son’s craft cubby for all of these art pieces, and I love how you can build them up with a few layers. But again, since this is a zero dollar DIY, use whatever you have.

Next, grab something to color / paint with

This could be markers, crayons, some leftover wall paint you had from a room makeover project, etc.

You can stop here and tape the pieces up on your wall right away. I like to use blue painters tape and roll the tape into loops on the back so you can’t see how it’s attached and it doesn’t damage the walls.

Finishing your artwork and/or hang on the wall

Or opt to collage some of the smaller pieces together to make one bigger piece. Or even add a frame, which you can make yourself, reuse one you already have.

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