Is it a DIY pencil holder or a DIY makeup organizer? Idk, but either way, I like it. I made something to help keep smaller items (like pens, paint brushes, makeup brushes, and eye liner) a bit more tidy.

- wood  - sandpaper block - wood glue - sealant or stain - saw - clamp(s)


Determine how long and tall you want your pen holder or makeup caddy to be. Then measure and cut out all the pieces of wood to the same exact length.

Measure and cut wood.

Next, give each piece a light sanding or a more heavy-duty sanding if needed. Then wipe the wood clean with a dry rag.

Sand the wood pieces and stack them to determine placement.

Once the pieces are touching, sandwich them together, line them up, and use clamps to tighten them together to really bond the glue and get a tight fit.

Glue and clamp the wood together with wood glue.

While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, you can make the wooden legs. I used a scrap piece of super-thick dowel and cut it down to size and then in half.

Make the legs and sand the legs.

Use a power drill to create the holes in the top of the glued-together block. You can use large drill bits, spade bits, and/or Forstner drill bits in multiple sizes.

Drilling holes in the top of the wood.

Sand any imperfections out of the wood base. If something isn’t quite lined up, you may be able to sand it out or smooth that area.

Sanding the base of the pen holder.

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