In an effort to fill at least one of the blank walls of my house with something other than a painting or print, I came up with this easy DIY wood wall hanging. And wanted to share the tutorial today. It’s reversible!

- 12-inch wood round - 12-inch wood square - level / straightedge - chalk or pencil - sandpaper - copper wire (bendable) - wire cutters or durable scissors - 2 table clamps - hand saw or circular saw - drill and small drill bit


For the semi-circle, measure and mark the midway point of the circular round. It should remain 12 inches at the base, with a 6 inch radius from base to top. Then, measure and mark 4 3-inch sections on the square piece of wood.

Three of the four pieces will be the “legs” of the wall hanging. The fourth piece will serve as the horizontal attachment, but that will need to be cut down about 1.5-2 inches.

Cut each piece along the marked lines. Pro-tip: I use a level to provide a steady straightedge to cut along.

Just clamp the wood to a sturdy surface, and the straightedge along the cut line keeping in mind that it will need to be adjusted to accommodate the edge of the saw. Once cut, sand each piece to get rid of any splitting or irregular spots.

Drill holes for the wire to go through. Start with one hole centered at the top of each of the 3 legs. You’ll need 5 holes total on the horizontal cross piece – three across the bottom for attaching the legs, and 2 at the top to attach to the semi-circle.

Use the copper wire to attach each piece together. Thread 4-6 inch pieces through each hole and twist until secure on the back side of the wall hanging.

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