A cute egg carton craft idea to do with your kids. It’s fun and easy. And doesn’t cost any money at all to make – making it a zero dollar DIY.

- egg cartons - paint - paint brushes - glue - string or yarn - scissors


Use the pointy pieces of the bottom part of the carton. Just cut them out and flatten them a bit to make them wider if needed.

Making the fish head

The cups that the eggs sit in make a great fish body. Just cut the cups individually from the egg carton bottom and then trim any uneven excess down if necessary.

Making the fish body

I used the pointy pieces which was just a rectangular piece of scrap egg carton that I cut fringe strips into and then rolled up and glued into one of the pointy egg carton pieces.

Making the fish tail

I mixed a little water in with some of my paint to allow for the paint to spread quicker and easier.

Painting Head and body pieces

I cut out larger circles and smaller circles for the eyes, from scrap pieces of the egg carton top. I painted the larger circles white and the smaller circles dark grey / black.

Making and painting the eyes

Poke a hole through the middle of each piece (head, body, and tail) with a pair of scissors or something similar.

Stringing it all together

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