Today’s fireplace makeover is making me super happy because it not only brightened up this space, but it also didn’t cost me any money whatsoever!

– interior paint – 3 inch paint brush – paint roller and paint cover – painters tape – rag for cleaning – putty knife

Supplies to Fireplace Makeover

Use a rag to thoroughly clean any dust or debris that may be on the surface of your fireplace.

Fireplace Makeover How To

Then, tape off any areas that need it with painters' tape. In my case, I only needed to tape off the bottom of the hearth, where it meets the floor, since the walls were being painted the same color as the fireplace.

From there, painting is pretty straight-forward. I started in the middle, just randomly. If you want to get the hang of painting the stone or rock first, I’d recommend practicing on the side of the fireplace or a small area first.

It is very easy, though. It just takes some elbow grease to get a paint brush into the crevices. With some stone fireplaces, there aren’t any cracks or crevices to get into, but with mine, there were many, many areas like that.

I used a 3-inch paint brush for almost the entire project. You could also use a two-inch brush, but I probably wouldn’t go in smaller than that because it’s time-consuming.

For the hearth and mantle, which had larger, flat stones, I used a paint roller. Painted one coat, waited for it to fully dry, and then painted a second coat after scraping away all the paint drips that had accumulated with a putty knife.

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