7 flower hacks for arranging flowers at home like a pro. I’m no florist, but I have been making flower arrangements at home since I was a kid, just for fun.

I'd like to share 7 flower hacks I’ve picked up along the way that can help you get a professional-looking arrangement in less than ten minutes. With grocery store flowers! Nothing fancy is needed.

Flowers are wild and organic, and flower arrangements should feel that way too. So mix up the levels. Cut some long stems, some short stems, and everything in between.

Keep things loose and asymmetrical.

As long as it’s not a clear vase, you can use one (or more) and no one will ever even know. They help keep flower stems in place and are especially helpful for vases that have wide openings.

Whenever possible, use a flower frog.

I typically do this for two reasons. One: So you can more easily change out the water. And two, you can limit the number of flowers you end up using in an arrangement.

Add a smaller vase inside a large vase.

If you don’t want to do the vase within a vase method, use the grid taping method instead. This is especially helpful for wide-mouth vessels and vases. And helps stabilize your arrangements.

Use the grid taping method.

I like to have clear, waterproof floral tape on hand for creating grid structures on top of vase openings. And green floral tape is perfect for stem wrapping when needed.

Keep floral tape and wire on hand.

There will always be a broken stem of two. Sometimes more. Instead of throwing those flowers away, cut the tops off and throw them all into a shallow bowl of water.

Add broken stem blooms to a shallow bowl of water.

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