Block printing was one of my favorite techniques to experiment with in my printmaking classes in college. This printmaking technique is super fun for printing on fabric, once you know the basics. And it’s easy, too.

– block printing carving block – fabric block printing ink – linoleum cutter carving tool – soft rubber brayer – acrylic sheet – permanent marker

Supplies to Make a BLOCK PRINT FABRIC

The first step in block printing is coming up with a design. Use a permanent marker to draw the design directly onto the carving block.

Create a design and draw it onto your linoleum block

That way, you know exactly what to cut and what you don’t want to cut. It really helps to have a visual guide.

Next, using your carving tools, choose the size lino cutter attachment you want to use. I often use the largest size to carve out larger areas, so it goes a little faster.

Get familiar with your tools and know when to use what attachments

Select the best attachment. Then, begin cutting out the excess area away from the design. Leaving the design raised, as shown in the photo.

Start carving the linoleum block

Rolling the ink out a bit on the surface of your palette before rolling it over your stamp in thin layers until the raised design is fully covered.

Ink your linoleum block

Next, no matter how you’ve inked your linoleum block, flip the block over. Then press the inked design face down, firmly and evenly, onto fabric or paper.

Print block design onto fabric

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