I’m sharing how to build a minimal modern desk with storage compartments from scratch (no design plans or anything) for under $100 and just a handful of tools and supplies. And you can do it too!

- pine panels - L brackets - drywall anchors - hammer - compact circular saw - nails


First, cut all pieces of wood down to size. I used a compact circular saw because I feel like it’s much easier to use than larger or heavier saws. There are eight total pieces of wood for this design.

Cut your wood.

I laid everything out on the floor to get started and worked my way up, starting with the bottom shelf brackets.

assemble the storage cubby / leg side of the desk.

Next, I attached the first vertical cubby divider (one of the 20-inch x 6.75-inch pieces) to a new 20-inch x 18.5-inch shelf using L brackets. Then, I attached the remaining vertical cubby divider to the last remaining shelf with L brackets.

Stood up the storage legs on the other side, so the table top is resting on the legs on the right hand side and the saw horses on the other. Make sure it’s level before moving on.

Attach the desk top to the legs and get everything into place.

Then, I lined up the end of the desk top with the end of the legs, so they were perfectly flush, and hammered in finishing nails. Next, I attached the storage legs fully to the desk top with 4 more L brackets.

Making sure that the desk table top is level, I secured three 3-inch L brackets to the wall and table top. For extra security, if desired, you can also add finishing nails to the storage legs of the desk.

Secure the desk to the wall.

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