Build your own DIY console table, like mine, in just an hour or two. It’s easy!

Materials Needed

– wood – wood screws – some kind of wood glue – cordless drill

Start by measuring and cutting down the pieces of wood that you'll need to build your console.

If you're creating a very simple console table, like mine, you'll just need to cut (or have cut for you at the hardware store) three pieces of wood.

Two for the legs and one for the table top. I cut my pieces of wood to the following sizes: 42 inch long (tabletop) 33 inches tall (for each of the two legs)

I selected a wood that was 11 1/4 inches wide (based on the size I needed and the budget-friendliness of that width.) And I was able to get all three pieces cut from one single piece of lumber.

Once the pieces have been cut, sand down any rough edges. You can do this by hand with sanding sponge or use an electric sander.

Next, create pilot holes where your screws will eventually go. You'll need to do this in all three pieces to make things easier for the screws and give them a guide.

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