When you want to just run out the door with a few things (and be able to quickly find said things in your bag), this DIY purse idea is a great option.

- one piece of leather - fabric scissors - sharp blade - marking tool - sewing machine and thread


Quick note, before getting started, you may need to change out the foot on your sewing machine to accommodate the leather.

Measure and cut the three pieces of leather you’ll need. The first piece of leather will be for the body of the bag and that should measure 18 inches by 9 inches.

And then you’ll create two long strips from the remaining scrap – each 24 inches by 1.25 inches for the drawstrings.

Then sew a straight line on both of the sides (about 1/4 inch in from the edges), leaving the top open.

Backstitch at the beginning and end of each side. We left a raw edge at the top of the bag, so make sure to make a clean cut in step one.

Roughly 2 inches down from the top of the bag, make three 1 inch vertical slits, 1.25 inches apart on each side of the bag for the drawstrings. We found that a sharp blade (like an X-acto) was the easiest tool.

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