Once you learn how to make soy candles, you’ll make them forever. I started in 2014 and am still making them to this day.

– small decorative containers – soy wax flakes – candle wicks with metal tabs – fragrance oils – wooden spoon for mixing – pouring pot

Supplies to Make a SOY CANDLES

Add water to a large pot. Then, turn the stove to medium heat. Next, pour soy wax flakes into the pouring pot, and then place the pouring pot into the larger pot of water, double boiler style.

Prepare the pots and pour the wax flakes.

As the wax starts melting, stir it with a wooden spoon. Stir every so often until all the flakes have melted completely and the melted wax is transparent.

Melt the wax and stir.

Remove from the heat and let the wax cool for a few minutes. The ideal temperature is 130-140, if you have a candy thermometer available to check the temperature.

Let the melted wax cool a little.

If you want to make your candle scented, pour in the scent you’d like to use and stir. But again, make sure the wax has been removed from the heat before adding scent because otherwise, the scent may evaporate from the wax.

Add scent to your soy candle, if desired.

While you are waiting for the wax to cool, add a wick and metal tab to each container. If necessary, assemble the two pieces, but the ones I have linked come pre-assembled to make it easy!

Add wick to each container.

Pour the wax into each container, avoiding the wick if possible. And wait for the wax to set up completely (12-24 hours) before moving or handling at all.

Pour the wax into the containers.

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