We're talking DIY organization (for your home) today! Getting organized feels like more than just tidying up, though. It feels like taking control of your life.

Whether you’re on some deeper quest to gain control OR you really just want to organize your craft room, bedroom, bathroom, etc., this list has tons of DIY organizing ideas!

This DIY hanging wall organizer looks good and keeps things organized, which can be a challenge in a craft room or office space.


This clothing rack DIY from Weekday Carnival is great for extra clothes that don’t fit in the closet. And it would be a good option for a guest bedroom without a closet as well.


I'll always include my DIY fabric paper mache bowls when talking about organizational ideas because they’re very easy to make, surprisingly sturdy, and pretty unique.


Maybe a DIY standing desk with lots of storage is more your thing? What I love most about this Ikea hack is the fact that the storage is closed, so you can be as messy as you want inside and no one will know.


You can turn old shoe boxes into really cute fabric organizer boxes. I use these exact ones in my desk cabinets, and they work so well for receipts, scissors, markers, and other smallish items.


Reusable produce bags (these are another DIY idea) are handy for the grocery store, but you can also use them at home for pantry staples, closet organization, and more.


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