Wanna learn how to paint floor tiles and transform your space on a budget? I’m sharing all the specifics and it’s easier than you might think.

– Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio Low Sheen Enamel – Paint roller and extension pole – Paint brush – Stencil – Pressure washer (or hose)

Supplies and Equipment Needed

I started by pressure washing the entire porch. There were some small paint spills and drips from when we painted the exterior.

Pressure wash and/or deep clean the space

On the day that I started painting, I first gave the entire porch a good sweeping, to make sure any new leaves, dirt, and debris were gone before I started.

Sweep and wipe up any remaining debris before painting

Using a roller with an extension handle paint the entire floor surface of your porch / patio with the base color. I used Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio Low Sheen Enamel in Carter Gray.

Next, painting time!

I used my Cricut Maker and Cricut stencil vinyl so I could get customize the measurements to the exact width and height I wanted.

Make a stencil

Remove the sticky backing from the stencil and start painting the design. I used a combination of a brush and a roller, using a thin layer of paint so I didn’t overfill the stencil and cause it to bleed.

Start stenciling / painting the design

Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet and place it back onto its paper backing when possible, while its drying.

Remove stencil, grab a new one, and repeat with painting

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