Today I’m sharing a detailed tutorial that breaks down exactly how to reupholster a fabric seat chair.

– chair with fabric seat – large fabric – staple gun – heavy duty glue or screws – iron – scissors

Supplies to Reupholster a Fabric Seat Chair 

You can use a rubber mallet and hit it against the underside of the seat. Or if the seat has been screwed into the wood from the underside, use a screwdriver to remove the seat.

Remove the seat.

If there is any glue or debris on the inner lip of the chair, scrape it off with a putty knife or something.

Remove any leftover glue or debris from the seat lip.

Iron your fabric and then cut it down to size, if applicable. You want it to be around 2–3 inches larger all the way around than the size of the seat.

Iron, measure, and cut your fabric.

I start at the middle of one side with a staple, then pull the fabric as much as I can, rotate the frame around and put a staple on the exact opposite side, also in the middle.

Stretch and staple the new fabric to the seat.

Then, I do that on the remaining two sides, so that there is one staple on each of the four sides in the middle. I repeat the process of stretching the fabric, stapling, and rotating to the opposite side.

If any excess fabric remains that makes the underside of the seat bulky or untidy, cut off the excess with scissors. This will mostly apply to the corners.

Cut any excess fabric.

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