It’s really much easier to make an apron than you might think, especially with this tutorial. It’s one of the most basic apron styles you can make. Which makes it the perfect beginner sewing project.

– one yard of thick(ish) fabric – scissors – thread that matches fabric – pencil or tailor’s chalk – cloth tape measure – sewing machine

Supplies to Make A DIY Apron

Cut a piece of fabric down to size – 27 inches high by 20 inches wide. Then fold the fabric over like a hot dog. You’ll also want three long strips of fabric at this time.

Cut fabric pieces

You’ll need 2 strips that are 36 inches each. And then you’ll need one strip for the neck that is 18 inches long. Each strip is a half-inch wide, but you can do any width you like here.

Then, with the top of the fold to your left, measure over from the fold 4 inches and make a small mark.

Fold and measure

Then measure from the opposite side 18 inches high from the bottom and make a small mark. Then freehand a curved line. This curved line is the area on the apron under the arm.

Measure and create a curved line

Cut on that line that was made, through both layers of fabric.

Cut fabric on that line

Hem with a sewing machine to create a finished edge all the way around the apron. Be sure to cut little notches on the curved parts of the apron to help it lay.

Hem with sewing machine

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