How to tie a bandana – six ways! Inspiration for styling a square bandana.

Yesterday, I started deep-cleaning the studio and found SEVEN square bandanas tucked into the couch, folded up in the upstairs built-ins, and randomly tossed into the supply closet.

So, I came up with 6 quick tutorials for putting all of those rogue bandanas to good use for summer. Because let’s face it, we’ve all bought these little guys, but putting them to good use (and looking cute while doing it) is a whole other story.

1. The Standard Neckerchief

Who doesn’t love this casual / cool replacement for a necklace?

For those times when you want to look like you tried, but also really just want to keep your hair our of your face. It’s kind of like the updated BFF of the scrunch, but much cooler.

2. The Prim and Proper Ponytail

This tucked and knotted headband is simultaneously chic AF and super casual – one of my faves.

3. The Tucked and Knotted Headband

Get your (mini) cowgirl on…or something like that…with a mini neck bib.

4. The Mini Neck Bib

A more stylized take on the basic neckerchief.

5. The Neckerchief Take 2

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