Large wall art projects like this one make it easy (and budget-friendly) to DIY your artwork instead of buying it. And it looks great too!

– unprimed / raw canvas – acrylic paint and water – pencil – thread – straight pins – sewing machine

Supplies to Make Large Wall Art Materials

Cut a large piece of unprimed canvas slightly larger than you want the end dimensions of your DIY wall art to be. The sides will remain raw for this project, while the top will loose a few inches to finish the edge.

Cut canvas.

Decide on the color or colors you want to use for your artwork. Create a paint wash, which is one part acrylic and three parts water. And paint the piece of canvas that you plan to use for the shape part of the project.

Paint canvas with a paint wash.

Once the paint is dry, draw the desired shapes with a pencil.

Draw shapes on painted canvas.

Cut the shapes out with a sharp pair of scissors and erase any pencil lines that are still visible on the shape once it’s cut.

Cut shapes out.

Next, decide the placement you want for each shape on the background canvas. Pin everything together with straight pins (pin shapes down to the background canvas).

Pin everything together.

Then, carefully sew the pieces together on your sewing machine. Just make sure to keep the same distance from the perimeter of the shape while sewing as much as possible.

Sew all the pieces together.

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