These DIY wall hooks are not in use, they just look like cool geometric shapes, blending in with any decor as a wall art installation. But when you need them, they’re there, functioning as any other wall hook would.

- double ended screws - wood blocks various sizes - pliers - drill - clamp vise - acrylic paint and paint brush


If using a large dowel rod for any wall hooks, start by placing the rod into a clamp vise and cutting 3-5 inch pieces of dowel rod with a saw or jigsaw. Then, sand the edges if needed.

Next, keeping the block in the clamp vise, drill a pilot hole in the center of each block (don’t go all the way through).

Insert one end of the double-ended screw into the hole and use a pair of pliers to screw it in and secure it. Stop at the halfway point.

If you want to keep the wood raw, they’re ready to hang (screw into the wall), but if you want to add some color, you can paint them with acrylic paint.

I went with two-toned painted dowels at first. But when hanging everything, I decided I liked the raw wood blocks best. So I used mainly the unpainted blocks in the entryway, in the end.

If you’re planning to hang heavy items from these hooks, be sure to first add a wall anchor before screwing the hook into the wall.

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