These DIY paint palettes are fun to make and may encourage kids (and adults) to break out the paint more often.

- air dry clay - wooden skewer - rolling pin - sandpaper - sealer  - old cookie rack


Start by rolling a palm-sized amount of clay into a ball and then rolling it out with a rolling pin.

Roll clay into ball and then roll it out with a rolling pin.

Next, use a popsicle stick, wooden skewer, or clay carving tool to cut the rolled-out clay into the desired paint palette shape.

Carve out the outer paint palette shape.

Dip your fingers into a little water and rub the edges of your shape to get rid of any jaggedness.

Smooth the surface.

Stood up the storage legs on the other side, so the table top is resting on the legs on the right hand side and the saw horses on the other. Make sure it’s level before moving on.

Carve out the paint wells.

Go back and forth with carving and smoothing until you’re happy with it. Then set it aside and let it dry according to the packaging.

Carving, smoothing, and drying.

Use sandpaper to smooth out any areas that need it, like the edges, for example. Wipe away any debris with a rag.

Smooth any areas that are still rough with sandpaper.

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