These DIY paint palettes are fun to make and may encourage kids (and adults) to break out the paints more often.

- air dry clay - wooden skewer or popsicle stick - rolling pin - sandpaper - cup of water - sealer - old cookie rack


Start by rolling a palm size amount of clay into a ball and then roll it out with a rolling pin. Try and keep the thickness to about a 1/2 inch or thinner.

Next, use a popsicle stick, wooden skewer, or clay carving tool to cut the rolled out clay into the desired paint palette shape (rectangle, square, circle, abstract shape, etc).

Dip your fingers into a little water and rub the edges of your shape to get rid of any jaggedness.

Then, carve the interior paint well shapes (you can use your fingers, a carving tool, or the same wooden skewer or popsicle stick from earlier.

Once you have them roughly carved, dip your fingers in a tiny bit of water and start smoothing the paint wells and the entire surface of the paint palette.

Go back and forth with carving and smoothing until you're happy with it. Then sit it aside and let it dry according to the packaging.

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