I made birdhouse ‘building’ kits as party favors for Hayes’ construction themed birthday party. And while it was VERY loosely tied to the construction theme, they ended up being a huge hit with the kids (and parents).

– reusable crates – mini wooden birdhouses – empty paint pots – paint brushes – wooden hammer


Party favors can feel so wasteful and boring at times. But I think they can be really fun and exciting for guests when you make them more interactive.

Some kind of activity or craft project that kids can continue the fun, from the party, at home. Like these birdhouse party favors.

There isn’t much to the instructions for this one. It’s just a matter of ordering the supplies (or finding it locally) and assembling them in the reusable crates.

How to Make Birdhouse Party Favors

The only other thing that you’d need to do is add paint to the paint pots, if you go with empty ones (like mine). It was really easy and gave me a chance to use up some of my never-ending paint stash. Win-win.

I always like to know how much stuff like this costs, so I wanted to include it.

Cost Breakdown

After all the party favors were put together, the price was under $10 per party favor. But the exact price will vary based on how many party favors you need, since almost everything came in a bulk (packs of 10 or more).

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