For me, these are the best reusable produce bags because they’re lightweight, fold up small when not is use, and are super easy and affordable to make. Here’s what you’d need to make reusable produce bags in 15 minutes…

- 1 yard of muslin fabric - natural color thread - 8-10ft of paracord - sewing machine - safety pin - iron


Begin by washing, drying, and ironing your fabric. Fold the fabric in half widthwise twice. Then, cut along the second fold. You should have 2 pieces of folded muslin.

Sew a line along each long side leaving the top open.

Take your sewn pieces to the ironing board and press your seams open. Then, fold the opening about 1.5″ and press with the iron.

Flip your bag outside in and flip up the top fold. Sew a button hole just below the pressed fold and cut a hole for your paracord drawstring.

Flip the bag inside out again and sew the top hem closed.

Attach a safety pin the the end of your paracord and insert it into the button hole. Push it through all the way around the top of your bag until it reaches the other side.

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