When we moved into this house, our guest bathroom really needed a pick-me-up. We’ve realized that we really needed to address some things in this space since my son uses it every day and we’re in here a lot too.

So, after we had VELUX Sun Tunnels installed to add some natural light, it was time to tackle some cosmetic changes in here as well. Here’s a breakdown of everything that went into our budget bathroom renovation.

I got Farrow and Ball sample tins of Lichen No. 19 and Treron No. 292. I poured the entirety of each sample tin into another container, mixed them together, and that’s the color I used for the vanity.

Vanity Paint Color

I was pretty limited in the type of faucet I could select. I ended up finding this gold faucet on Amazon that was super affordable and looked cute. It’s simple, but it works great so far. No complaints.

New Faucet

I over ordered knobs when I did the kitchen makeover, so I had plenty of extras to use throughout the house. The knobs are from, surprisingly, and they add a lot of character with their solid wood and concave shape.

Vanity Knobs

To play off the irregularities in the tile, I went even further with it by using several different tile colors. The result is even more color variation, which reminds me of the colors I keep seeing in nature.

Tile Backsplash

The bathroom shelf, over the tile backsplash, is one of my favorite parts of the bathroom makeover because I was able to add a plant and a few other cute accessories.

Bathroom Shelf

I used a special floor paint to make sure I could get it to adhere, and I also gave it a good cleaning beforehand with Krud Kutter.


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