In an attempt to never ever turn on the ‘big light’, here are 16 cool lamps that will look amazing in literally ANY home. Some of them are like little sculptural works of art, and some are just cute and functional.

I would literally have every single one of these lamps in my home. I love them all. And actually, I already have three of the lamps I included.

This light is sculpted from a solid piece of wood, which is just so cool!

mushroom shaped wood table lamp

This lamp is a NEED. I mean! It’s handmade (ceramic) and looks like a work of art.

embrace lamp

Another need! I’ve been eyeing this floor lamp from Ferm Living for a while now. I've seen it in the coolest homes, and I just really want it.

dou rattan floor lamp

If you’re someone who can’t stand cords, this one is perfect because there are no cords – it’s battery-powered and rechargeable.

flowerpot v9 rechargeable LED portable lamp

This floor lamp has cool Parisian loft vibes to me, it's part of EyeSwoon founder Athena Calderone’s collection with Crate and Barrel.

l’union black metal arc floor lamp

Huey makes incredible lighting, and this little table lamp is adorable. It comes in two sizes and is made of walnut and porcelain (handmade).

mini prairie table lamp

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