Made another DIY headboard! This one is under $100 and takes less than 2 hours to make.

– Lightweight wood panels – Fabric yardage – Upholstery foam – Batting – Scissors – D rings


I made the frame 6 inches wider than the existing bed frame, so it would have some extra visual weight. I used thin birch plywood from Home Depot and cut it down to the size I needed, with a saw.

build a frame with lightweight wood/ panels.

The upholstery foam should be the exact size of the wood frame that was built or cut in step one. And the batting and fabric should be at least 3 inches larger than the frame on all sides.

Cut down a layer of upholstery foam, batting, and fabric.

For any small or minor wrinkles, you can probably skip ironing. The small ones will be pulled out when you stretch and staple all of the layers in the next step.

Iron the fabric top layer.

Carefully flip over the wood frame with all the foam and fabric layers. Stretch and staple all the layers at once, so you only have to do one round of stapling.

Flip it over and staple everything.

Using D-rings as hooks for the wall is just one way to hang a headboard like this one. There are many other ways it can be done, like attaching the headboard to the actual bed frame, instead of the wall.

Add hooks / rings and attach to the wall.

I just happened to use D-rings because I already had them and I couldn’t attach my headboard to the bed frame. I used three D-rings in total and made sure they were the same height.

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