I found this wood serving board at TJ Maxx for $6, and I loved the shape but wasn’t a fan of the engraved flowers. Here are more details on how I sanded it down, what tools I used, etc.

- power sander - sandpaper sanding discs - clamps - cutting board oil


I set up a work surface outside (we use a Bora centipede that folds up) and clamped the wood serving board to the table as tightly as I could get it.

Then, attach the sanding disc to your sander and get to it. Depending on how deep the engraving is, you may be sanding for a while.

If you’re just dealing with removing surface scratches, pen marks, etc., it won’t take more than a few minutes. But for a deep engraving like mine, it’s going to take more effort.

I can’t remember exactly how long I actually spent sanding, but it was under 30 minutes for sure. So still not that long considering.

Although the engraved design was only at the bottom of the serving board, I had to sand the entire surface. To avoid having an uneven surface in the end.

Note on sanding:

Once the sanding is complete, Wipe it down and use cutting board oil all over the board to give it a nice seal. Let it dry (I would say at least 24 hours to be safe), and then it’s ready to use.

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