wednesday art showcase – alberto cerriteno

Alberto Cerriteno is one of my all-time favorite artists. His work is whimsical, yet mature. Balanced, yet chaotic. It’s very hard to describe, but intensely beautiful nonetheless.

The colors and the detail are always what draw me to art, and Alberto’s lacks in neither. Each piece screams for your attention, and frankly, that’s just the way i like it. 

Check out Alberto Cerriteno’s shop, blog, flickr, and website. There now. And you thought you had no plans tonight? 

…pangea! handmade
SnR (blog)

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Oh wow. I am blown away!

Amanda Nicole

I really dig the third one too. I dig the big monster fish. The whale one on etsy is prety damn cool too. I really love his use of color and how everything has a very vintage look to it.

Brian G

yeah i like the whale one too. i couldn’t decide which one to include between that one and the last one with the giant fish. (which i think is also my favorite…! i love that the bait at the end of the line is an exhausted looking heart.)



these are so good. the last one is my favorite… i love the monster of a fish lurking down below.


Yes, color is so important to me as well in searching for art. Alberto’s work looks like its straight from a children’s book…a beautifully illustrated and super imaginative children’s book that is. The 2nd image of the bird is my favorite and I also really like this one (because I have a thing for whales):


Wow Angie, thanks for sharing this. Albertos work is really something. It has really made my day.

Brian G
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