Wednesday Art Showcase – DrKennedyJones

Hi! Just dropping by again to give you my Wednesday Art Showcase, which if featuring DrKennedyJones, which you may or may not have already seen, because the shop used to have an exhibition space here on PaperNStitch just a month or two ago!

The work from this shop is just so, lovely and natural. I am pretty enamored with all the squiggly lines and vintage paper motifs, and you can pretty much never go wrong with neutral colors and lovely washed out tones.

Hollie’s art has such a nostalgic feel, and I love that her characters have no faces. It’s makes everything just a little bit more mysterious, like a treasure hunt for beautiful elements.

Don’t forget to check out the portfolio on her website, because she’s got a tremendous amount of awesome work there too. Her blog is also worth checking out, and of course, her etsy shop!


brand new website!!!

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thanks, everyone!

and your work is awesome, hollie. we always need more people like you in the world, who make beautiful things! 😀


Hollie’s work is beautiful, I love it.. so very inspirational and dreamy.


thanks so much, angie. 🙂 and your website looks great!


those really are beautiful and inspiring!

carrie @ bloomacious

Hollie’s work is wonderful! I love checking in with her sites and seeing each new idea she explores.



thanks so much! 🙂 i only spent about 10 hours straight coding HTML and CSS to get it up. i even skipped a day of work to do it. lol.

glad you like it! 😀


I love Hollie’s work. Great find Angie! And huge congrats on your new website. It look incredible!!

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