Wednesday Art Showcase – Geninne

I don’t know how I’ve missed featuring her before, because I’ve been a LONG time fan of Geninne’s work. Every intricate little detail is delightfully marked, with the skill and precision you’d expect from an architect or a mathmetician.

It was hard to only choose a few works to feature, because all of them are incredible! There’s LOTS more on her Art Blog (where she posts a lot about her process, and shows the steps to completion of a work, awesome!) , and in her Art Store.

Beautiful! I featured all bird prints, but there’s much much more than that! I just happen to be very partial to her birds. There’s also some journal pages, collages, painted rocks, altered photos, and pretty little things that will surely brighten your day!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Yes, totally adore Geninne’s work. Have to check her blog and etsy shop daily to see if new prints are about. Love, love, love.

Annie Pazoo
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