Wednesday Art Showcase – Kate Pugsley

This week’s fantastic fantasticness is all about Kate Pugsley. Her art makes me so happy! So simple and sweet. Love this Mermaid Girl print.

And everyone I know has felt like Paper Bag Head Girl on one occasion or another. Kate uses her gocco printer to print the black lines of the prints and fills in the details with watercolors. I love the simple effect that it gives them. Like they’re illustrations right out of your head, managing with few lines and few colors to describe the whole range of your emotions. I am quite partial to this, as you can see. I very much like being able to see something about the human condition illustrated for me. It makes everything a bit more…bearable?

So. Now that you know a bit too much about me, go check out Kate Pugsley’s etsy shop!

…pangea! handmade
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wednesday art showcase – kate pugsley |

Awwwh! I really enjoyed meeting this artist. Her work kind of reminds me of “Charlie Brown.” I mean that as a high compliment. I know some people don’t like to be compared to someone else, but I really can connect to these characters in a similar way.


Wow such adorable art! I love it- what a great find!!

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