Wednesday Art Showcase – Mae

You may have seen this little shop before, since it’s been an exhibitor right here on PaperNStitch, but I felt the need to show you again. Not entirely sure if this counts as illustration, but I’m counting it because it definitely falls into the visual arts category. Mae has quickly become one of my favorite places to window shop in the last few weeks.

My fiance and I have decided to buy a house, and I can’t wait to decorate the walls with these beautiful fabric decals! They are perfectly girly and sweet (hopefully he won’t mind too much!).

Aren’t they impossibly cute!? I’m just completely in love. How cute for a nursery too? Or a laundry room? Or a long hallway? Maybe even the kitchen cabinets! Endless possibilities await.

The coolest part in my opinion though, is that the fabric wall stickers are completely reusable, scrunchable, even WASHABLE! Yes. Now what are you waiting for? These decals are calling your name!


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