Wednesday Art Showcase – Matt Brown

Hello everyone!

I’m Angie of …pangea! and I’m absolutely ecstatic about the opportunity I’ve been given to share some of my favorite art pieces with you every week! I’m calling it the Wednesday Art Showcase, and I’ll be choosing one artist each week to share with you! They will be either illustrators or graphic designers (or a little of both, which is my personal favorite!).


I have a long list of artists I admire at the moment, so it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to just one each week, but I don’t want to overwhelm you! So I’m starting this week with an exceptionally talented illustrator named Matt Brown.

Leviathan Strikes

Matt Brown just opened his Etsy shop about a month ago, but his work immediately stood out to me because it’s very intricately beautiful. Possibly what draws me to his work most is the nautical theme he seems to carry through a few of his prints, and EVERYONE knows that I have a terrible weakness for anything nautical (ok, so you didn’t probably know that, but you do now!) I tend to navigate toward cool colors and large sea creatures, so his work triggered an instant love-type reaction in me, and I bet it will grow on you a tad bit as well.

The Sea Fort and The Flying FishMr. Brown also has a fine art website where he sells originals, which you can find here. According to his Etsy profile, “[his] pictures have been sent to places as diverse as a Manhattan fashion designer, the London Stock Exchange, the Lonely Planet Publishing House and a US Navy warship,” (which is pretty incredible in my book!).


Well, thanks everyone for joining me for the first ever Wednesday Art Showcase! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
See you right here for next week’s installment!


(of …pangea!)

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wonderful first post angie! i love matt brown’s work.


thank you!
I definitely wouldn’t mind hanging any of his prints on my walls… 😀


Welcome, Angie! This is a great feature, he does excellent work. Cant wait to see the next!


thanks, lillyella! i also look forward to your next post! 🙂 i loved the last one, and what a great idea for posts! i love making outfits versatile with different accessories/shoes/sweaters. 😀


I like the info and will be linking back to you from my site. Also great looking site I wish I had one like this.

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