Wednesday Art Showcase – Mimi

There’s something lovely and calming about paintings of retro furniture on wood grain backgrounds. This one is actually a print of a xerox transfer onto veneer. I love it!

And this one is an original, that is actually a tiny painting (3.5″ x 5″) that is xerox transferred onto a panel of wood. This is another artist favorite of mine that was an instant favorite because of the color choices. Loving the softness.

This last one is one of my absolute favorites. It’s an original encaustic that is applied to a recycled wood block. She says about it in the description: “I transfer my drawings onto a base layer of encaustic, then overlay more encaustic or other paint onto the images. The wax is lifted, scraped, and incised in areas. I finish the piece with an ink rub to dull the color and enhance the texture of the wax.” And if I do say so myself, the results are incredible. A piece of art I would be proud to hang on my wall.

How about you? What are some pieces of art that really make you melt?

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I am definitely bookmarking this page and share it with my friends.



I love Michele’s work!

Ann Flowers

I have to agree with you Laura. I was just thinking that myself.


LOVE the last one…. soothing color 🙂

laura trevey
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