Wednesday Art Showcase – Mon Petit Fantome

Mon Petite Fantome is a great illustration and papercut shop that I found this week. Fantastic and incredibly detailed illustrations of bears and owls (both are a current obsession).

And some great prints of original paper cuts, which I am fascinated by. Love the composition and themes. Her artwork has titles like “Minerva Tuffy Pines for Albert” (the owl above), & “Master Ludwig is Afraid to Be Alone” (the bear above). And these wonderful little papercuts? Can’t. Get. Enough.

(“Take Me With You” print)

(“I Do Not Know Where We Are Going But At Least We Are Together” print)

So that does it for this week. Check out Mon Petit Fantome’s shop on etsy. There’s much more than just these few! You won’t be disappointed!

…pangea! handmade
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Hi, this is my first visit and I love it!- the bear and owl prints are very sweet and wherever my eye falls on this page there is tons of inspiration-I have to run to the studio now, but I will be back later to do more exploring!
Take care,


thank you for sharing this one!

so amazing I love!

And just came across your blog. it is super. I love.


renee anne

No problem at all Angie!

Chad/Mon Petit Fantome

yes they would look great together! 🙂 hooray!

your art is just lovely! 😀 i do have to apologize though, i mistyped and put “her artwork” in there when i know it should have been “his”. i’m very sorry. 🙁 i even read your profile on etsy before i typed this and made a mental note, but then i just started typing the article and slipped away from me. i hope you understand. 🙂


i just snagged the bear and owl prints…i have a perfect place for them. yeah!


Thanks so so much for featuring my artwork, and for everyone’s kind words.

Chad/Mon Petit Fantome

these illustrations are perfect! love the owl and bear especially….wouldn’t they look great together?


mon petit fantome is one of my favorite favorites! especially the animal illustrations.


What a great find, can’t wait to check out the shop!


me too! it gives them some sort of background so that it’s more than just art. it’s a story. something you can imagine the rest of. 🙂


I LOVE it when people give their artwork such fantastic titles.


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