Wednesday Art Showcase – naokosstoop


It’s Angie again, here with your Wednesday Art Showcase! I’m so excited to show you this week’s feature, a little shop called “naokosstoop“. The thing I love about this shop is a lot of it is prints of stuff that was originally done on used paper bags. So cool!

Here’s a quote from one of her listings that explains the paper bag thing a bit more: “About brown paperbag collection: they came from my fascination with creating things on used paper. After long experiments with paper and inks, I established a way to draw on used brown paper bags without losing the color and texture of the medium.”

I’m awed and inspired by this simple but absolutely lovely way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Such great looking art, too!


Learn more about the artist and some of her other works on her website:; or by checking out her etsy shop.


Have a great week!

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These are all so lovely! I’m partial to the elephant myself.

Florence Wang
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