Wednesday Art Showcase – OSoo

I’m absolutely LOVING these intricate prints by etsy seller OSoo. They’re just so gorgeous in their neutral tones and detailed bits.

I just found this shop this week, and I don’t know much about it, and it’s pretty new (only 7 sales!). Show it some love! Awesome art at awesome prices. What more could you ask for?

I’m thinking this one will look great in our new bedroom, we’re planning a mustard yellow and soft green color scheme! It’ll be perfect!

Check out the OSoo shop here
and have a fantastic day!

…pangea! handmade
SnR (blog)

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I love this artist’s work… original and uniques!


thanks everyone! i’m glad you like it! i happened upon it earlier in the week and it blew me away, so i immediately thought, “wed. art showcase!”

hehe. 😀


these are fabulous! it’s great that you support newly opened shops 🙂


osoo’s work is incredible. i had never seen this shop before today, and now i am determined to buy a piece for myself. thanks for bringing this to us angie. i think this is my favorite artist you have ever featured. yeah!


I like that rabbit!


I am new to you’re site but immediately fell in love with the prints by Osoo. Hopefully she/he can ship to the Netherlands.

Monique (Kee)
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