Art Showcase: Yellow Monday/Olive Dear

Yellow Monday is an illustration shop that is in the process of opening under a new name, Olive Dear. Both shops have some of the same items while they’re being switched over, and both are incredibly lovely! Some items will be retiring after they leave Yellow Monday, so you should check them out while you still can!

This masked owl is one of my favorites, I love all the sketchy lines and pale green color. And the fact that it’s an owl probably helps a little too, I’ve always been a sucker for owls…

“Dog Tango” (above) is one of the prints from the new Olive Dear shop. I think it would be a perfect addition to a little boy’s room (or a big boy’s room!). The color choices are my favorite parts about both of these lovely shops.

Check out the shops (Yellow Monday & Olive Dear) on Etsy! They’re full of wonderful things!

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wednesday art showcase – yellow monday/olive dear |

We have an owl and a raccoon that live in our backyard so I LOVE the masked owl. It’s like a combination of both! : )

Amanda Wright
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