Wednesday Art Showcase – yumi yumi

hey y’all!
(oh, wait, i’m from north dakota, let me rephrase…)

well, hi there, its darn nice weather out there today, don’tchya’know.
(don’t think about that one too hard, or your head might explode…)

it’s angie (of …pangea! and SnR) back again for another Wednesday Art Showcase!

i’ve been seeing quite a few kid-focused things around the interwebs lately, so when i happened upon these little lovelies late last weekend (try saying that ten times fast!), i fell in love instantly. i think there’s still a ‘kid’ side to many of us, so what’s not to love about something so simple and immensely pleasing aesthetically?

so. without further adieu, let me introduce you to yumi yumi of Columbus, OH.

the little fox in this photo is just so cute, i can hardly stand it! i’m not really one to fall for “cute” things, or things that make you go “awwww!” (like this video of a baby porcupine eating a slice of banana during a fit of tiny hiccups) and make puppy-dog eyes at my screen while i’m looking at something like this, but i couldn’t help myself here. there’s a bit of whimsic… (whimsicality? whimsicalness? whimsic…..oh forget it, you get the idea. ;D ) involved here that is irresistible to me lately. i’m also currently loving yumi yumi‘s little counting and alphabet-reciting animals!

well, i hope you all have a wonderful week full of whimsicalifragilisticexpialidociousness (ok, that one was a little carried away, but this stuff reminds me of mary poppins and all the other old julie andrews movies where she plays someone who’s “practically perfect in every way,” so forgive me. 😀 )

remember to check out yumi yumi shop on etsy and her pretty blog!


(all images in this post are copyright Aline Yamada of yumi yumi)

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Those are definitely worthy of two yumi’s! Too cute!


Great stuff – I’m off to lurk right now…


How cute! Love her style

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