Wednesday Workspace


We have a very special Wednesday Workspace post this week, that is dedicated to a new flickr group that is just for your workspace, or as creator Amy of Aqua-Velvet calls it, a thinkspace.  All the images in our workspace post today are from the new group. The Thinkspace flickr group is dedicated to not just a workspace; it’s dedicated to a REAL workspace. Finally, a group where reality (semi-messy desk and all) is welcome alongside beautiful spaces.


And the idea of a more conceptual workspace is also welcomed with open arms. Another great thing about Thinkspace is that there is a healthy mix of both men and women involved, so you can get your inspiration from both perspectives. Love that!


I don’t know about you, but I think these workspaces are so inspiring. Its nice to see how other people live. And it gives me reason to not feel guilty about leaving my desk a little unkempt from time to time with papers here and there, because that’s how everyone else is too.

The Office

For more info on how Thinkspace got started, visit Amy’s blog, Aqua- Velvet. And while you are there, don’t forget to enter this giveaway for her newest WPA poster print.


Image Credit: Amy’s Desk, Valezki, Studiosmith, and Gblakeman

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Oh thank you so much for posting! I need inspiration for my work space, right now it’s just an ugly blank mess.


My pleasure Rodellee.

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