Wednesday Workstation

It’s been a while since our last Wednesday Workstation post, since we’ve been doing a lot of home and studio tours lately. So today, we are taking a little peek at Afi’s (of Joo Joo) workspace. It’s so organized and inspiring. Don’t you think?

Afi was recently a featured seller on etsy for her other shop, Joo Joo Land. Read the interview here.

Visit Joo Joo on etsy to view her original artwork and prints.

And Joo Joo on papernstitch.

All images c/o Afi’s blog

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LOVE JooJoo…LOVE this space.


Oh WOW!! What a lovely surprise! I feel honored to be featured in your wonderful blog! Thank you! xo 🙂


The pleasure is all mine Afi. Love your work and your workspace.


This looks like a real lovely place to work!

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