Wednesday Workstations (an introduction)

miss vuDesign Dreaming Workstation via Miss Vu

This Wednesday marks the start of a new weekly feature on papernstitch called Wednesday Workstations. I am on flickr all the time researching people’s work and searching for inspiring images. And one thing that always captures my attention is seeing the way people work. Cluttered and messy or super put together and clean. It inspires me and I hope it will inspire you too!

This week, I love the workstation of Miss Vu, who catalogs images of her desk and inspiration board each month with a totally different look. Above is Miss Vu’s desk in March. I love the simplicity and the pops of white, mixed with hints of bold color.

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Very interesting to read it. many thanks !


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I am so excited to find these workspaces each week to post about. I have found SO many already. Its really addicting. Mirthquake- yes! That is how I feel. I am hoping it will motivate me to keep my own space clean and tidy. We’ll see how it goes.


I love these kind of posts, they give me a sort of harmless kind of jealousy (+admiration!)that makes me want to clean up my own messy space and be a good girl.


I’m a little obsessed with seeing other peoples workspaces so I’m really excited about this. thank you!


What a nice idea, i love that she keeps fresh flowers on her desk


Love it! Don’t think my desk/work station has ever looked that neat! I want!


LOVE this! Great idea, Brittni!


fantastic idea!

I LOVE seeing workstations and studios,

makes me jealous of my lack of one!

but I am getting there 🙂


renee anne

Great new feature Brittni — you are right on with this! Everyone I know, including myself, is addicted to checking out other people’s creative workspaces… Nice rich vein of inspiration to tap! 😉


I feel the same way Brenda- wish my desk was this beautiful!


What a great idea! I love this workspace, too, and wish mine was anywhere near as organized and pretty. 🙂

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