Wednesday Workstations


It has been a long time since the last edition of Wednesday Workstations. I am hoping to get on a more consistent schedule in 2010…starting now. So, I rounded up a couple of my favorite workspaces from 2009. See you tomorrow.



{image credit: Pop Up Posters via Simply Photo, MAKE via Lona De Anna, White via The Design Files, and Karen Anderson’s Studio via decor8}

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i love this series!


Heather, Leah, and Emily- I share your sentiment in wanting to tidy up my workspace. Maybe I’ll make it a new year’s resolution. Aljna, are you talking about the Depuis calendar giveaway or another one?


I wish my work station could be as lovely, it’s a disaster area a majority of the time.


hello! Who is the winner of the calendar giveaway?


love the MAKE one. right now, making my walk-through-able would MAKE me happy.


these are wonderful and make me want to go clean off my desk! love the color stories!

Heather-Gathering Spriggs
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