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I hope my weekend (and yours) is as lovely as this photograph. And I am thinking it will be (at least mine anyway) because tomorrow is my niece’s birthday party, and I am really excited. Yeah! Happy birthday Harper.

I am going to head out early as usual today. Gotta get things ready for the start of the new exhibition on Monday. So, here are a few weeks for your weekend…

-Have you read Mayi’s tips for selling online? They’re really great. If you have an online shop, I’d definitely recommend it.

-Need a laugh? This photo is currently doing it for me.

-Looking for some lighting inspiration? Check out this week’s Interior Obsessions.

-Want a fall fashion fix? Check out Nadinoo’s Autumn Winter collection on Fee-AMore.

-Itching for a weekend project? Take a look at this week’s no carve pumpkin diy. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of cool (and easy) projects, than I wouldn’t bother. See what I did there?

-Need help promoting your work? Well, today’s the last day to submit your shop for the next papernstitch exhibition. We can help. More info here.

image credit In Dreams

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i heart nadinoo’s designs so much! thanks for the link i hadn’t seen their fall collection 🙂

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

me too mayi! and actually, i hadn’t seen it either until i popped over to fee-amore. fiona always find such great things to share with her readers! have a great weekend.


Beautiful photo of the pink ranunculas! They’re one of my favorite flowers.


Thanks for the great links! Have a lovely weekend!

annamaria potamiti

I love that photo too Heather. And I hope you have a great weekend as well Annamaria.


Love, love, love the ranunculus photo! The color and softness is truly amazing!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor
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