Weekend Links + A Blanket You’ll Want to Sleep With…For Like Ever

Well, it’s finally Friday afternoon, which means I am ready for a nap. And I’d really like (and wish) for my imaginary nap to be on this incredible pillow blanket, which I happen to think would also double as a great sleeping rug, from Joon & Jung (found on Decor8). So lovely.

Anyway, before I head out for the weekend (my family is coming for a couple of days and I am pretty excited), I have a few links for your weekend. Enjoy!

-Photographer Alicia Bock has put together a beautiful limited edition collection of prints for Japan. The proceeds from photographs in this collection will be donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.

Anthro announces a new decorator concept of stores.

How to get everything done in your business and still have time to live your life. 5 tips for skyrocketing your energy and getting things done.

-The newest issue of Toffee Magazine is out. Pick up your copy for less than $3! Can’t beat that.

-And if you’re looking for a weekend project, check out this adorable no sew paper bunting idea. So cute. And easy to boot.

And speaking of diy’s, have you filled out the diy survey yet? I’d love it if you did, and you’ll be entered to win a giveaway prize too. So, that’s kind of cool. Have a great weekend! See you Monday.

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Thank you for these, I was especially interested about that “Abracadabra! How to Get Everything Done In Your Business and Still Have Time to Live Your Life”. Also answered your survey! 😉


Thanks for answering the survey Mervi. Have a great weekend.


that is one super cool blanket! Such a neat idea 🙂

Took your survey; very interested in what you’ve got up your sleeve!:)
Have a great week!


Isn’t that blanket amazing? Joon & Jung have incredible work!

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