Weekend Links (biz tips edition)

I’m going to cut right to the chase today and get to weekend links (this week I am sharing links just for your business and blog)…

–Need to write a press release? Here are some tips for writing a press release without stressing.

–Want more readers for your blog and/or customers for your business? Read these five tips for more views from ProBlogger.

–Does your business feel stuck? Frame your business brand the IKEA way.

–Not sure about this whole social media thing? Find out if social media is bad for your business.

–Thinking about creating a digital product? You should read this article on pricing first.

–Want to make your business irresistible? Here are 109 ways to make your business irresistible to the media.

Have a great weekend!

image c/o Frank Chimero

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I always love your links to small business tips! My mom has a 2-year old business teaching cooking classes for kids and adults in Portland, and we’re really struggling with getting the word out, getting press coverage, and gaining a strong presence in the community. I always check out your tips and share them with my mom. Slowly but surely the business is growing! Xo, Katie

katie [the bright life]

Aw, thank you so much Katie. I’m really glad you enjoy it. And that is fantastic that your mom’s business is starting to grow. It does take some time, but once things start happening its kind of like a domino effect (of awesome). Hope you have a great weekend.


Thanks for the tips – I just started my own blog and this really helped! I noticed particularly that you get so much traffic for posting something inquisitive/humorous/complimentary on blogs you love. Win/win!


Hi Adele. Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your blog. Congrats on getting your braces off. You’re adorable!


Thank you for these! I found lots of the links useful! Have a great weekend.


You too Michelle. Thank you.


These are such great tips! I especially like the ones for attracting readers to your blog…honest and genuine ways to get people interested in what you’re up to. I found you via Blue Balloon. Great blog!



Thanks for stopping by Sarah So glad you found papernstitch!


Love the IKEA article! The whole thing is soo true! I love IKEA and thats exactly why! I have never thought about it that way. Thanks for posting such helpful links!


Super helpful list of links! Thanks so much! Very appreciated.

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