Weekend through the Lens of Laura Evans

Ah, it was a wonderful weekend to sit back and relax. I was able to spend some time with my brother whom I don’t see very much, so that was really nice.

Then, yesterday after working on some personal projects, I was searching for images that described that weekend feeling, and I found myself browsing through Laura Evans work again. You may remember Laura’s work from this post a while back. These images are so dreamy and blissful. I would love to have a room just filled with her work.

Visit Laura Evans’ etsy shop, Love. Laugh. Believe., and Laura’s shop on papernstitch to view more of her photographs.

How was your weekend?

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aw, i’m glad you saw her brother. her pictures ARE dreamy. i like them a lot!


what a wonderful monday surprise … thanks chica as always! glad to here you had such an enjoyable weekend & i could be a (small) part of it.

laura Evans

Yeah. It was really nice. And I know what you mean about cleaning. Seems I am ALWAYS cleaning. 🙂


It is lovely to know you spent some good time with you brother whom you do not see often. 🙂 I did major cleaning up, which always seems kind of endless? Thanks for sharing Laura’s works. It’s beautiful.

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