Weekly Obsession: Creepy Porcelain!

creepy doll head

A blogger friend of mine recently found this horrific little piece on a thrifting adventure. (See her original post.)  And in deciding whether or not to sell her newfound porcelain infant friend on Etsy, she discovered an entire world dedicated to unsettling porcelain homonculi. Never one to shy away from the creepy side of decor , I decided to do a little roundup of my own. Sweet dreams!

doll parts bisque head

porcelain head bisque torso

What do you think? Crafty, or creepy? And what is the ultimate purpose for these antiquated bisque statues? Maybe a creepy, creepy Christmas tree? Or should they simply be left alone?

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I love these and your blog!!
Your wedding was elegant! I will add you to
my blog too.Thank You


ooh, I would stack the heads up in an apothecary jar or under a glass dome… you could string the arm/leg/torso parts up on a silk ribbon and knot them into place, like a creepy garland… Halloween is just around the corner! 😉


Eeek! They are WAY too creepy for me. But to each his own. I can definitely see the right person loving this.


This is so bizarre!! Totally freaks me out


pretty sure this type of decor makes me think of a house somewhere along the lines of Sid’s house in Toy Story. Creeeeeeeeepy. LOL.


Eeeekkk definitely CREEPY! 😛

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