Weekly Obsession: Faux Bois + Color

1940 woodie

I just saw the new Julia Child movie, in which Julia arrives in Paris in 1949 in a vehicle similar to the one above, which is modeled after the Mercury “Woodie” station wagon.

It got me thinking about how much I love wood paneling. Not 1970s hunting lodge wood paneling, but fake wood — especially when paired with a pop of color. Apparently I’m totally behind the design blog times on this one, but there’s a fancy French word for fake wood that makes it sound more appealing: faux bois.

Earlier this year I totally flipped for this Rubbermaid platter I found at a thrift store:

faux bois platter

It had what was then my favorite combination: fake wood and white. But there are other hot faux bois color combos.


faux bois black

Delft (!!):

delft faux bois

And, of course, chrome:

faux bois chrome

But one thing I can’t seem to find is the faux bois and turquoise combination on Julia’s 1949 hot rod. It’s oh-so-Urban-Outfitters I can’t imagine it doesn’t exist. So if anyone finds one — by all means, post a link in the comments.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen.

faux bois child

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i haven’t seen faux bois with turquoise, but in a Tucson gallery (can’t remember the name of it) i saw real wood with real turquoise inlay – beautiful!

alexandra keller

These faux bois finds are fabulous and the delicious photographs capture the woodgrain so well.

Here’s one I found on a recent thrifting adventure: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27678020

Mary Grace

Mary Grace Thomas

I am looking forward to seeing it as well. I love Amy Adams!


I can’t wait to see that film…now just to find a sitter!

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