Weekly Obsession: Front Porch Style

couch front porch

Ah, the lazy days of late summer. Crickets, cicadas, morning doves — the time when warm weather has transformed from jubilant celebration to sweltering drone. The magic is over. The window unit just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Might as well make the front porch as livable as possible.

I recently caught my neighbor making a bold choice in front porch decor. Why shouldn’t we all, if we have the outdoor space to decorate, let our inner hillbilly out for the next few weeks?

front porch couch

plants on porch

new zealand couch

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This is a fantastic post! The first porch is so beautifully spare, love the mortar lines behind that tasy sofa. And the other environs have so much charm. Just super. :~)


Oh, that sounds so lovely Vicki. I really wish we had a front porch..I would love to try something like this out. BUT if I had a couch as lovely as that aqua one, it would definitely be inside. We’ve been looking for a new couch for a couple of months now.


Great post, Brittni! We live in a 1918 Bungalow and our front porch is my favorite spot. I sit there just about everyday and look out at the Cascade foothills.

vicki (simply hue)
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